The Internet Kill Switch

They are telling you what’s about to happen. The internet will go offline soon due to a cyber attack. But what will it look like when it comes back online?
With the advent of the internet the human race has for the first time unrestricted access to information from around the world. This has been a boon for economies, learning, research, science and, in a way peace too. It has connected people from around the globe. It’s allowed stories from the front lines of war zones reach audiences a world away. The truth is no longer the property of the rich and powerful. Anyone with a cell phone can become a reporter. It’s also created the social network phenomenon which for good or bad has people glued to their phones and devices.
At no time in human history has information and ideas been available to so many people. And at no time in human history has the potential to abuse the control of information been so easy. This is why you see governments starting to restrict access to the internet.
Are governments practising?
Listen to what they are telling you
In Canada, the Liberals have been pushing bills like Internet Censorship Bill C-11 and the now defunct ‘Online Harm’ Bill C36. These bills expand the definitions of hate speech, create requirements for ISPs to track, trace and monitor your internet activity, and will begin to censor what you see on popular platforms and news sources.
These ideas are antithetical to freedom. The excuses used as always are “hate speech” and the dangers of “misinformation”. It’s never discussed openly what the dangers are of combining so much power in the hands of so few. At the same time that information has never been so free, its about to become the most controlled and manipulated in history. Who will decide what constitutes hate speech? Who will decide what constitutes misinformation? If these bills continue as they are, the government will have ultimate authority over all information in Canada; on television through the CRTC, on the internet through these bills. Google recently made headline news as they were preemptively censoring Canadian news articles in anticipation of Bill C11 coming into effect.
Digital ID Danger
It’s also now being suggested by Interac that Digital ID will be required to access the internet. This will complete the control and power of the government over Canadians. No one will be able to access information, or have free and open discussions anonymously.
The reasons and benefits offered to support this change are pretty weak
  • Less time applying for a drivers license (every 10 years?!)
  • Moving your medical info (every 10 years?!)
Sure that will be easier, but once the digital ID is in place, and the track, trace, censorship bills have passed, you will be required to use your ID for everything. Ask yourself: Is that minor convenience worth the price of your privacy and freedom forever?
Everything you do, everything you buy, everything you read, everyone you talk to will be atomically associated with your digital ID.
Here’s what the World Economic Forum thinks about Digital ID:
“But everything is tracked already and I have nothing to hide”
Not true. While the government is already breaking the law and spying on Canadians financial transactions and cell phones, they do not have point and click control over what you see or the ability to track and trace individual Canadians. This has to be arranged through multiple agencies like CSIS or the RCMP, often requires a court order, and has to first go through the internet providers. This is a lot of effort to get information on someone, so its only used when the government deems it important enough to expend the time and resources (like the emergencies act and trucker protest). What will happen when the effort required to track, trace and censor someone becomes as easy as a name search and few mouse clicks? Imagine the potential for abuse. You say the wrong thing, have the wrong politics, hang out with the wrong people, you can be cancelled and censored. Do you trust anyone with this kind of power?
Enter the WEF
The World Economic Forum has been warning for several years about an “internet attack” on critical infrastructure. They are currently gaming out an internet attack crisis. One of the stated goals of the WEF is to get the entire world onto digital ID which will then be used to control finance, internet access, banking, health, and of course internet access.
But how could they do this? One way is to create a crisis, then provide a solution.
  • Plan crisis
  • Game out response
  • Initiate crisis
  • Scare everyone via media
  • People will beg for the solution
  • Digital ID and total control implemented

Here’s how the WEF thinks its going to happen

If you want to really understand whats happening, we highly recommend you watch the following videos from Coin Bureau. Its a 30minute commitment, but you’ll get a well explained and comprehensive understanding of whats currently being planned.
Part 1:

Part 2:

An “Internet Attack” is coming soon. When the internet is restored it will be mandatory for you to provide a Digital ID to login and use the internet for “your safety”. The networks, systems, and infrastructure will be different when you login again designed to track, trace and censor you.
The only way to combat this possibility is to demand legislation banning consolidation and control of the internet. However, at this time this subject is not acceptable political discussion. Canadians need to move the discourse. Politicians need to know we aren’t having it and its safe to talk about these issues. We’re all sleep walking into total digital control. Will you speak up?

Write your MP: Demand Independent, private, unrestricted access to the internet before its too late.

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