SEL Through the Lens of the Great Reset

SEL – Social Emotional Learning

I recently got an email from the class teacher of my child’s Grade 3 class in BC. It read as a normal update letter does until close to the end where I noticed something that stuck out to me. It was a reference to “Social and emotional” learning and teaching the “whole person”. There was also a sentence towards the end that read “contribute to the community whether local or globally“. The reference to the whole person reminded me of something I had read on SEL where they refer to it as “Holistic”. Curious, I copied a few paragraphs of the teachers letter into google to see what came up. Low and behold the first result was this:

As I scrolled down, I noticed another theme which is common in all the woke indoctrination we’re seeing in the schools: the United Nations, UNESCO and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

What is Social Emotional Learning?

SEL is the process through which all young people and adults acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to develop healthy identities, manage emotions and achieve personal and collective goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain supportive relationships, and make responsible and caring decisions.

Buzzword salad, my favorite.

SEL on its own isn’t really a bad idea. It takes into account how children process feelings, works on ways for kids to control their emotions, work on empathy, and connect with other students. It purports to increase overall learning outcomes, although I’d have to seriously question that given the goosing in school statistics lately. The emotional regulation part of SEL, like a lot of the stuff in the school system, sounds great but it comes with a lot of woke garbage that they don’t tell you about at first. Teachers in BC and throughout Canada are taking SEL courses in their professional development and new teachers are being taught this in university. These professional development sessions are coming along with hours of ‘Woke Speak’ and social justice indoctrination and I can see the language in the schools changing as a result.

Just like SOGI123, SEL wants you to form local groups in each school and district known as SEL Teams. Does your school have a SEL team?

You can find examples of wokeness throughout SEL teaching material. For instance, SEL teaches “Restorative Justice” and “Restorative practices”. It also teaches that traumas, including historical traumas, need to be addressed. It gets awfully close to CRT/anti-racism advocating for reparations, and forces its adherents to reach “Equitable” outcomes taking into the race and identities of the students. Some of the online training materials from CASEL have teachers apologizing for their “whiteness”. also assumes there are deep seated injustices in the school system, and SEL cant work without also teaching equity. That’s like saying: you can’t teach kids math without being a communist. SEL has officially gone woke. So what does this have to do with the United Nations and the SDGs?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The SDGs are also known as ‘Agenda 2030’. If you don’t know what the SDGs are please take a read at the link above first to familiarize yourself before reading on.

Coles notes: A bunch of nice sounding words that really mean: its 2030, you’ve agreed to own nothing and be happy, lose access to wildlands, be unable to hunt or grow food, consume less, be tracked, traced and have a world wide digital ID/vaccine passport under one world government. The WEF refers to this as the Great Reset.

There’s also a specific SDG for Education (SDG #4):


From the video: The Steering Committee (a world council of elites represented by the giant eyeball above) “Advise on Critical Action to bring about change while advocating for resources to support transformation… ensuring everyone working towards education targets is pulling in the same direction”. Did you know that the United Nations was bringing about change and transforming the school system? Sounds an awful lot like “one world education”. Check out some of the highlights

By 2030, ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including, among others, through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture’s contribution to sustainable development

So what do the SDGs have to do with SEL?

According to an article published in UNSESCOs Blue Dot Magazine, SEL is “NECESSARY TO ACHIEVE THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDGs)”. I think we may have stumbled across something important here. I jumped into the magazine to read and see if I could find out more. What I found was illuminating, let me post some of it here for you:

According to the article, Cognitive Dissonance is going to be an issue for the UN to achieve their SDGs. Cognitive Dissonance is a term used to describe the uncomfortable feeling you get when you are presented with or hold 2 ideas at the same time that conflict with each other. Your natural response is to stop the uncomfortable feeling, and it causes people to ignore facts that counter the truth in some cases. While in others it informs you to eliminate the idea which is causing the dissonance. Humans can and will do almost anything to stop cognitive dissonance. ie A drug user might cut out friends and family from their life. They made the decision to do drugs, they experience the dissonance of knowing the drugs are bad for them. Meanwhile friends and family are telling them to stop, but facing the reality is painful so to stop the dissonance they cut out their friends. The healthy side of dissonance would be this uncomfortable feeling drives the drug addict to stop taking drugs and get cleaned up, but the authors see dissonance as a big problem for the UN SDGs.

In this case the authors are talking about strategies to manage and control our children’s emotions so they DON’T follow their own self interest to do what’s best for themselves and their family. They are telling us that accomplishing the SDGs will require you to hold conflicting cognitions. One is that you must have empathy for others and purposely forgo the comforts and freedom you enjoy to help others for the greater good, and the other is you are free human, and you should be able to do whatever is best for yourself and your family. Cognitive Dissonance is common in people in relationships with an abuser. Deep down inside they know they are being abused, but pointing that out elicits a strong angry or dismissive response. No amount of evidence or proof can help these people see what their Ego is trying to protect them from; the pain of knowing they are being abused. They made a decision to stay with their abuser, so they discount any information telling them it was a bad idea.

The authors here are talking about training children to do whats best for the ‘collective good’. They even tell us implementing SEL framework in schools to achieve the SDGs will require a “RADICAL” systemic change in education. Where have we heard that before? CRT, Gender Theory, Anti-Racism all call for a “Systemic Change”. Starting to see a pattern here?

They explain that people will experience cognitive dissonance and may stop hurting their own self interest when they realize how following the SDGs will negatively affect them. They tell us dissonance can stop people from taking pro-social actions. But what does Pro-Social really mean.

Are you ‘PROSOCIAL’ ?

If you go research the term “Pro Social” you’ll see that’s it was developed as the antonym for antisocial and there’s some interesting research on it. The original work was focussed on how people interact with eachother in positive social ways. However later research seems to be aimed at how to manipulate people to do what the government wants:

Within you will find these amazing quotes:

Both watchful gods and watchful governments can encourage prosocial behavior. When people feel their behaviors are being watched by the government at any time, they will do their best to conduct prosocial behaviors and enhance their reputation.

Does this remind you of a social credit score?

The paper states that religious people have high empathy and high pro-social behaviour because they feel that someone (God) is watching them – So they posit – Why not replace God with government, and go on to conclude communist China presents a good model for Pro-Social Behaviour.

As mentioned above, the watchful agents, the gods, and the government authority, both promote prosocial behavior. Further, it can be inferred that individuals with high empathy can better perceive the supervision of the government authority and have more prosocial behaviors.

Boxer: The Pro-Social Horse

SEL In Practice

So what does all this mean in practice. SEL being a trojan horse for woke race and gender nonsense aside, it’s being used to force children to be “empathetic” which in this context means to do what the government tells them to. Children will be taught how they fit into society, their local community and of course the global community (because globalism…) Children will be told the world is burning and billions of people will die, so when the government starts restricting their freedom and rationing carbon credits, food, gasoline in the name of Social Justice and Climate Change, they will already be trained to be “empathetic” and ready to “do their part”. If the government asks them, they will work harder and give up more, because that’s what they’ve been trained to do.

Now finally, that last sentence from the teachers’ email makes more sense to me: contribute to the community whether local or globally. I wonder what the teachers were learning about on their last Pro-D Day…

Summing up the ideas here:

  • Teachers are learning SEL

  • SEL has been hijacked by woke ideology

  • The UN considers SEL critical to brainwashing you kids

  • Our kids are being trained to accept the SDGs

  • If Canada accepts SDGs, it means the end of human freedom as we know it

It seems clear that the UN wants to brainwash our children and SEL is just another way they have found to push Agenda 2030 into their classrooms. This is the same type of propaganda used in China and other authoritarian regimes. Canada is a first world, first rate country. We don’t need the UN or NGOs in our schools polluting our children’s minds. If they succeed, our children will grow up only knowing a world where they must give up their freedom for social points. They will be Pro-Social because there is no other choice. They will be ’empathetic’ out of necessity because they know “Big Brother is Watching”. And saddest of all, they will never know what it is like to be truly free.

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