Schools are changing fast

Eroding Parental Rights

Keeping with the theme of defamiliazation, the school system is driving a wedge between parents and students.  Rather than listen to parents and focus on what they want for children, the modern school system assumes that parents are incapable, uneducated and dangerous to their own children. The accepted dogma is that teachers and administrators know best for your children. “Children Decide” is the excuse that’s used, then activist adults guide them down a path without parental involvement. A fundamental shift in the way society works is underway and it is being driven through the school system.  Do children belong to parents and families, or do they belong to the state? You need to decide now.

Keeping Secrets

Some school districts in Canada have adopted policies where parents are kept completely in the dark about the health, safety and well being of their child. Under the guise of “protecting” children from violent and dangerous parents, teachers and school administrators can now foster secret relationships, give advice, and lead children down the path to transgenderism, medicalization, or vaccination without ever making the parents aware.  Parents know what’s best for their children. No one knows a child better than a parent, and no one loves them more. Secrets have no place in schools.

Gender Ideology

Starting in kindergarten, children sit through lessons which force them to call into question their very identity. Children are taught they can be born into the wrong body, and that boys and girls are interchangeable.  They are told that “Gender is a social construct” and if feel like it, they can change their gender.  This is reinforced by school policies where the school must affirm children’s choice of gender and can even change their name. The statistics show that 30-50% of children sent for gender reassignment surgery have a history of autism, and many more have other issues such as depression.  If the school system was there to help, they would assist families treating their children instead of pushing them down a path to irreversible gender reassignment and potential sterilization. No child is born in the wrong body.

Critical Race Theory

As violence in schools increases across Canada, parents are beginning to wonder why.  With all of the focus on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion – shouldn’t schools be getting safer? Unfortunately, it’s the opposite that’s happening. Critical Race Theory is racism. While its not often overtly used term, the concepts of CRT permeate the school materials. Children are being divided by their race, given special privileges and acknowledgements, while other races are singled out and made to feel guilty for past events they have nothing to do with.  Children are being taught to be racist and teachers are being instructed to teach all lessons through a lens of race and diversity. This is the definition of institutional racism.

Agents of Change

Children are being indoctrinated with radical political messaging. They are taught from K-12 messaging the system must be changed. They are taught that the system is unfair and broken. The words Systemic Change appear in schoolwork and teachers professional development often. These are activist words that are teaching children to become agents of change. Whether its climate change, racism, injustice, the result is always radicalized children who want to change the system. The question is – Who decides what change is taking place?  Who decides what part of the system has to be changed?  Children are leaving school with a skewed view of the world. They are taught their parents are just uneducated and only they know how to fix things. What will happen when these children become adults? These harmful ideas need to be removed from the schools.

The school system is designed to limit parental influence.

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