Parental Rights in BC

The Parental Rights Challenge is a simple set of questions for BC Parents. When you send your child to school to be in the care of the government, you expect your rights as a parent to be respected, but do you know what your rights are?

PARENTS: Ask your principal your school board, and your superintendent. MEDIA: Why aren’t you reporting on this?

Changes in the BC Human Rights code in 2016, which were then mandated upon the schools (Public and Private) in BC, have changed the way that teachers view the parent student relationship and the legal responsibilities of School Districts. Most parents are unaware of these changes.

The biggest change are school districts adopting part or all of the recommended SOGI policy. Check out the full document here:

What does this mean?

These policies allow school teachers to build a completely new life for your child at school including a new name, new gender all without informing the parents.

I don’t have to worry about this because my child is in a private/christian school”. Unfortunately these problems affect all schools in BC.

This is a 45 minute video focused on a christian school in Surrey filmed in Feb 2023. The same policies will be working at your local public school.

The argument is this:

Children might face discrimination at home from their parents if they tell their parents they are questioning their gender or transitioning.

Therefor, children will be parented by teachers and administrators in the school system to protect the children from parents. As a result vulnerable children will be with adults building a secret relationship with no parental oversight where they talk about sex a lot and get recommended lewd materials to read in the library.

Is this starting to sound a little weird yet? And people wonder why the term Groomer is used so often.

Is this happening in every case? Probably not. There are no doubt lots of great caring, responsible teachers in the school system. But, could it happen? Yes. Has it happened already? Yes.

if we as parents accept this can be done, it most certainly will be done

The best we can do as parents is to speak with teachers, and speak with them often. Many parents are now pulling their children from school completely and looking into home schooling and un-schooling as options. If we as parents accept this can be done, it most certainly will be done. Humans don’t get it right all the time. Teachers can make mistakes. School staff can have ill intent. The same argument used to justify keeping secrets from parents should be applied to the school staff. They can be dangerous too (even if they mean well) All it takes is one activist school employee to put a child on a path to medical intervention to forever change their life. Support trans kids – OK! Accept everyone is different and don’t discriminate – OK! But why do we need to give up our children to the school for this? Isn’t there a way we can do both?

This policy is driving a wedge between children and their families and that seems to be point. Activist school staff believe they are better suited to guide our children to find their ‘True Identity’ than we are as parents. Most of these activists aren’t even parents themselves. How could they possibly know what’s best for our children?

Think for a moment about the abstract concept here:

Parents are dangerous to children. Under this logic, is there any limit to what else can be justified?

Parental Rights

If parental rights can be suspended because of gender issues, what will they be suspended for next? But wait… Did you know there’s already legislation that says your child can consent to any medical treatment without your knowledge? The government believes they already own your children and mask is finally coming off.

The Infants Act does not set an age at which a child becomes capable of consent to medical procedures, but the child must be capable of understanding the procedure and its risks in order to consent.

According to Bonnie Henry there is no limit, children OF ANY AGE can consent to any medical treatment. This is known as “Mature Minor Consent“. The government has told us clearly what they think their rights are to our children. In law silence is the same as consent. If we as parents don’t stand up and say NO, then we are giving our consent through silence.

This was never supposed to happen. We were promised that these policies were about inclusion and diversity to stop discrimination.

Parents, now is the time to speak up and say something. So many of us can see this isn’t right. We need to stand up now defend our children lest we lose them forever.


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