Billboard #4 – How will you take the kids to hockey on an E-bike?

Our 4th Billboard, located in West Kelowna

British Columbia is pushing through policies that will put you and your family into energy poverty and remove your ability to affordably own a vehicle.


Did you know:

  • The NDP has committed to ban the sale of 90% of ICE vehicles by 2030, and 100% by 2035? (LINK)
  • There isn’t enough electricity generation available to replace all vehicles and kms travelled
  • This means that following the climate action plans will result in less vehicles on the road, less trips per vehicle, and less full size vehicles
  • Some city plans in BC have added in by-laws to limit full size vehicle traffic (even if its an EV)
  • Other cities, like Kelowna and Victoria, are planning for a future where you wont even own a car.
  • Your future on this plan is radically different from your current life and will require to sacrifice many things

These are just some of the changes coming to you and your city over the next decade.  This isn’t some pie in the sky idea that will never happen. It’s the plan, and its already happening now. The government is planning on you giving up your vehicle (among other things) to meet the so called climate action goals. Just these changes above will have a radical effect on the way we live our lives, how we move around, our freedom of movement, how our society functions. There was no vote on this. There was no discussion. The conclusion was reached without any input from the public.

At best, these policies are misguided, set in place by idealistic climate warriors. The policies will change how our entire economy works, and as a result will necessarily downgrade our ability to travel, freedom, and way of life. That’s the best case.

“the only thing we’ve done similar is our response to covid or the second world war”

-City Employee

Unfortunately, it looks like these policies have been set in motion to arrive at an agenda.  An agenda that was created decades ago and one which is being followed faithfully by cities and governments across the globe. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are being directly implemented by our local municipal governments. This is an international agenda that was never voted on or discussed with the tax payers and residents in out cities.

This is not a Left or Right, conservative vs liberal issue. This is about Globalism and the slow erosion of the individual freedoms in Canada.  Watch the video below for an in depth look at 15 minute cities, smart cities and the green agenda, how it all ties together and why you should be concerned about the future under these plans.

Did you know there was an Okanagan Regional Transportation Plan ?

It contains the Regional Disruptive Mobility Strategy which outlines exactly what Klaus Schwaub and the WEF talk about: Stake holder Capitalism. It’s 2030, you don’t own a car and Kelowna has planned it that way since 2019.  (MaaS) Movement as a service is Stakeholder Capitalism.  Currently if you own a car, you have ownership of mobility. Now imagine if the government and 2 or 3 corporations controlled all vehicles and mobility. In the context of lock downs and abuses by the government, do you see how this could be abused?

Kelowna along with West Kelowna, WBFN, Lake Country and Peachland are all pursuing this infrastructure to give them a “strategic advantage”. These cities are pursuing a strategy to be ready for vehicles that are connected to 5G, where all movements are monitored and controlled. Should they also be pursuing policies that recognize the inalienable rights of the citizens of these cities to move freely and be free from oppressive surveillance and tracking?

5G is being installed to enable low latency real-time communications with your vehicle and the Smart City infrastructure. How will you not be tracked?

Kamloops has even proposed banning Full size vehicles (including EVs) from multiple blocks in their “Climate Plan”

What does any of this have to do with climate change?

As Canadians should ask ourselves – What is more important to us and our communities:
Freedom of movement and privacy or trivial conveniences that require 24/7 tracking and monitoring of you and your family

There is an agenda to control you and your family and all you have to do is educate yourself and tell the government NO. We can have clean technology, nice transportation without total government control of monitoring of our lives.  It’s easy to fix this, it only requires citizens to stand up and tell your local municipalities to value your freedom, property ownership and privacy.

The technology is here, urban planning is real, but know there is absolutely no reason why any of this should be happening without proper guardrails in place to keep your rights to mobility, rights to ownership, and rights to privacy safe.

You silence is consent.

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