Digital ID & CBDCs

What is a CBDC and why should you care?

Why you need to know about this:

Combined with Digital ID, CBDCs will completely remake society. This cannot be understated. The changes coming, along with the potential for abuse and human suffering on a scale unimaginable are potentially months away. No one will be immune. The government is about to take complete and total control of every aspect of your life, privacy and the entire economy. If you don’t know why, you need to find out now.

Must Watch:  CBDC

Do you know what a CBDC is?  Maybe you’ve heard someone say: “It’s just digital money, we already have that!“.  It could not be any further from reality.  CBDCs are something new and completely different. Money is about to become programmable and once we take this step, there is no turning back. As a Canadian you need to understand what’s at stake and how important this is.  Weigh the benefits against the possible abuses. Watch this video.

Must Watch:  Vaccine Passports

Vaccine passports were controversial. They divided Canada among those who got the shots and those who didn’t. We allowed fear to guide us into accepting these so called vaxports, but did they really keep us safe?  Was this really good policy?  Please watch this short video to understand the vaxports, and how they could be abused and misused and why Canadians should reject these passports in the future.

May 20, 2023:  BOC asks for input on CBDC

Recently the Bank of Canada solicited input on the rolling out of a new CBDC. It did not go well. Find out why everyone is up in arms.

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