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Getting Started - Read First

Your campaign can take advantage of this site, and we’ll advertise for you on twitter and other socials but we need you, and your fellow Canadians to push the messages you believe in if they are going to be successful. That’s why we have placed a donation requirement on the campaign.  If you’re willing to put up a few bucks for your idea, then we’re willing to help you out.  If your campaign fails and doesn’t make it to print, your donation and all campaign donations will be refunded.

  1. Register and login
  2. Fill out the campaign form and submit it
  3. Make your donation $50.00 CAD
  4. We’ll get in touch with you and confirm the details
  5. After approved, campaign goes live on Getawake
  6. You advertise and motivate for your campaign
  7. When enough funds are available, campaign starts

Timeline and Availability:

  • 3 weeks after design finished, billboard is installed
  • Digital billboards, 2-5 business days
  • We have billboard relationships in place in Ontario and BC.
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We recommend 3-6 months to start off
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