Canadas Reponse to Covid

​The National Citizens Inquiry

225 witnesses, 94 experts, 8 multi-day hearings held across Canada asking the question: What went wrong, what went right.  You will not believe what the experts are saying including media, doctors, nurses, military.  Hear testimony from vaccine injured, from Canadians who lost their livelihoods, and from the experts who questioned the Canadian response to covid.

Library of NCI Video Testimony

Independent Science Based Evidence to Empower Canadians

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance is a volunteer-run organization with over 700 Canadian physicians, researchers, healthcare practitioners, and legal & ethical professionals. These include virologists, vaccinologists, immunologists, psychologists, coroners, medical ethicists, medical doctors from a variety of specialties, professors from Canadian universities, allied healthcare professionals, and lawyers from across Canada.

Its Time to Stop The Shots

MUST WATCH: The Canadian Covid Care Alliance explains in this video why the shots need to be stopped. They go through the evidence, the rationale, and the actual real world results as only front line doctors could.

COVID Information

Feb 16th, 2023: Confirmed Natural Immunity is Better

Immunity acquired from a Covid infection is as protective as vaccination against severe illness and death, study finds The immunity generated from an infection was found to be “at least as high, if not higher” than that provided by two doses of an mRNA vaccine.

January 10th, 2023:  Confirmed Shots Cause Cardiac Death

Dr. Joseph Fraiman, Clinical Scientist and Emergency Physician says:
“Now we have multiple autopsy studies which find essentially conclusive evidence that the vaccines are inducing sudden cardiac death”

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Feb 18th, 2023: Physician details treating hundreds of vaccine injured patients

Dr. Michael Huang in California details how he has treated hundreds of vaccine injured patients.

Dec, 2022: Your Body is a Spike Protein Factory

Dr. Ryan Cole discusses how the spike protein manufactured by your new gene edited cells after the shot have no off switch. There has never been a vaccine like this before. The spike protein is appearing in heart tissue, lung tissue, and even in your brain.

2022: Vaccines Cause Pregnancy Issues, Fetal Death, Abnormalities

MUST WATCH: Dr. James Thorp OBGYN sees 6000-7000 high risk pregnant women per year. He discusses the effects of the vaccine on women, babies, children, and also how the medical colleges have threatened him and other doctors speaking about COVID shot side effects.

2022: Breakthrough Study Shows Vaccines Hurts young Men and Boys


Dr. Peter Mcullough discusses the latest study from Thailand. Of 301 boys in the study, 7 of them had myocarditis. Thats an incidence rate of 1 in 43 for getting the shot. He goes on to discuss why vaccinating children is far more dangerous than not and how subclinical myocarditis is not benign and will increase their risk of heart attacks later in life.

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