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KYE - BC Council for International Cooperation BCCIC - Global Governance on Display

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The BC Council for International Cooperation is an organization pushing globalist policies into your local level, which gets its funding from the Canadian Federal Government. It doesnt represent voters, it doesn't represent the community, it only represents the United Nations and its goal is to get the community and local government to be in-line with the Global Agenda.




So who do they say they are?


The British Columbia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC) is a network
of civil society organizations and individuals moving toward a better world based in British Columbia, Canada. By compiling this report, BCCIC hopes to contribute to the critical debate on Canada’s role in developing and achieving the Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs).

Civil Society is defined as:

civil society is used in the sense of 1 the aggregate of non-governmental organizations and institutions that manifest interests and will of citizens or 2 individuals and organizations in a society which are independent of the government

But as we'll see below, this is just another front for BIG GOVERNMENT to affect changes and implement strategies of Regionalism by consolidating and influencing local government.  In fact the Government of Canada directly funds this group - And their Agenda is clearly stated as the achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. By definition there is nothing civil about this group. They only represent large global government interests.


Their Website:


This is what they say they do:


Turns out the Government of Canada directly funds them:



This is what they refer to as "Capacity Building"



You can contact them directly:
For more information on BCCIC or this publication, go to: or contact us:
322-268 Keefer St., Vancouver, BC, V6A 1X5
Phone: 604.899.4475


This is a report they put out. Without reading it, can you guess what their recommendations are?

If you guessed consolidating and amalgamating all levels of government and community tot he same glbal goals, you win!



They even run a youth wing to indoctrinate the kiddies:


Including an SDG BOOTCAMP


And have local chapters including one in the Okanagan.  Just check out the wording:



They want "GLOBAL EMPOWERMENT" by coalescing people in the Okanagan. That's literally what the name means.


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