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Question Destruction of Property - Do I Have Legal Standing?

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Greetings fellow warriors, furious parent here.

To give you a bit of backstory, I'm a PPC man and am lucky enough to have the Grizzly Patriot Mark Friesen in my riding. Now, Mark had the election stolen from him a few years back, but that doesn't mean I can't show my support in the off season, does it?

So, I purchased a 20 foot, purple Canadian flag with "I RIDE WITH GRIZZ" in a tasteful script underneath the maple leaf. I always fly it at half-mast to mourn the slow death of what I used to consider a free country (like seriously, "all of us command?!") Anyways, I wake up this morning to see my boy daughter half way up the damn flag pole. At first I think maybe he's just trying to get a better look at the stitching. But no! I look closer and he's beating his girlcock it's a visible minority and he's Marky Mark! After a few minutes of interrogation, I come to learn that this isn't the first time he's violated my flag, but it's a regular occurrence. Every other night, that bastard has been climbing up there and cumming right, dead centre on the maple leaf (I guess he thought because it's white I wouldn't see it?)

Does he have any legal obligation to replace the flag?

Posted : 11/10/2023 3:15 pm