Children Need Love, Not Mastectomies

The media is running wild with tales of evil right wing zealots trying to ban people from existence, while completely ignoring the damage being done to children all in the name of ‘Progress’. Are you really getting the full story?

There is real harm and real abuse being perpetrated on young children with irreversible effects on their mental and physical health. It is undeniable. The stories are everywhere now.

The heart of this belief system says that children should lead and its contradictory because once children say they are the opposite sex, then adults lead them to gender affirmation

How can we have a meaningful discussion about these issues without acknowledging the children who have been harmed?

Where were the parents of these children at the time? Are they brainwashed by the woke agenda? Are parents being pressured into accepting this?

This mother transitioned her 4 year old son. It was only when her second younger son also said he was a girl did she start questioning if she had made the right choice. She realized she had made a terrible mistake:

Watch the full HEART WRENCHING 1 hour Long Video:

Would you rather have a dead daughter or a living son?

Statistics on transgender suicide rates, often quoted as high as 40%, are often used to motivate parents into accepting so called ‘Gender Affirming’ medical procedures such as chest binding, cutting off healthy breasts, tucking, taking cancer causing hormone blockers, cutting off healthy penises etc.

Meet Luka Hein, 21yo Survivor and de-transitioner.

But are these statistics really true? According to some the “Transition or Suicide” mantra is a hyperbolic rhetorical argument not rooted in facts.

that claim is based on a small handful of deeply flawed studies that, at most, find loose correlations between “affirming” interventions and improved mental health. Some find no reduction of suicide at all, and a new study claims to find that puberty blockers actually increase the risk of suicide.

Read this analysis of the data and make up your own mind.

2 Trans Adults Explain Trans Ideology and Kids

Gender Affirmation is offered for free in BC

Gender Affirmation is offered as a solution to ‘gender dysphoria’ and increase ‘gender euphoria’. Clinicians will tell you that gender dysphoria comes from 2 main causes:

  1. Physical dysphoria, disliking or feeling uncomfortable in ones body, you are in the wrong body (and also dysmorphia)

  2. Social dysphoria, feeling like you are more masculine or feminine then you should be, or that you dont fit in

Objective Clinicians will tell you that, dysphoria has increased recently due to the new societal focus on gender. Common sense also tells us that Authority Figures in our childrens lives telling them they can be any gender they want will cause confusion and lead to more dysphoria. Gender Affirmation is not harmless.

I don’t feel like a man. I just feel like a woman who has had her breasts cut off

Here’s a story a public school sent us this week:

I’m a public school teacher in *********** and I’m at my wits end. All my professional development is about trans activism and how I’m a terrible racist because I’m white. I can’t show kindergartens a book that has a nuclear family in it because it’s apparently “abhorrent” even though the majority of my students come from families that look like the nuclear families in the story.

Most recently in a professional development session, that my school board PAID for, the presenter told us they used to be a teacher but now they “get paid to be gay”

And then told us how children who are black can’t actually experience true joy because of generational trauma.

Another presenter cried tears of joy that a former student of theirs is transitioning as a 9 year old and the presenter took credit because he read the kid a story about a trans boy back when he was their kindergarten teacher.

Last year o taught grade 3 and was pressured to teach LGBTQ2S+ content for gay pride month. I had students presenting presentations made by their parents about Harvey milk. Subsequently 3 little girls had meltdowns because they were all of a sudden “confused” about their gender and sexuality. Grade 3s!!!!!!!! They see it all on YouTube.

I do my best to keep that political agenda and indoctrination out of my classroom, but the pressure is on. And if I speak my mind, I’ll

Not only lose my job at the hands of an angry mob of woke parents and staff, but I’ll be cancelled and smeared in the news and on social Media.

It’s terrible everywhere here in Canada.

I support what getwake is doing. Thank you!

“The Right Wing idea of parents rights is literally just fascism


It’s happening. It’s real. It’s time for parents take back the schools, and take back their children from this harmful movement.

#GetAwake #SaveTheChildren #GenderBullies

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