Canadian Issues

Canadian Issues

Issues affecting Canadians with information and research you aren't seeing in the mainstream

The Canadian Response to COVID-19

Does the mainstream narrative make sense? Why listen to the media when you can go direct to the source: Arm yourself with knowledge from world renowned doctors and scientists.

Schools Are Changing Fast

Schools are no longer places where students go to learn ABCs and 123s. Find out whats happening in schools, why you need to be concerned as a parent, and how you can begin to take back control of your child’s education.

Digital ID, CBDCs and Your Future

Governments around the world appear to moving in coordination to roll out digital money and digital IDs. What are the implications to you and your freedom?  Find out what they have planned for you. Get started learning here.


While the boomers were enjoying the easiest and wealthiest time in history, ideologues determined to change society have been infiltrating education, government and institutions

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