A Call For Unity

Freedom movements are under attack. Media, Government, Special Interest are all pushing their own narratives. Despite the full force of the matrix coming to bear on Freedom Fighters, we still manage t...Read More

The Internet Kill Switch

They are telling you what's about to happen. The internet will go offline soon. With the advent of the internet the human race has for the first time unrestricted access to information from around th...Read More

SEL Through the Lens of the Great Reset

I recently got an email from the class teacher of my child's Grade 3 class in BC. It read as a normal update letter does until close to the end where I noticed something that stuck out to me. It was a...Read More

Parental Rights in BC

The Parental Rights Challenge is a simple set of questions for BC Parents. When you send your child to school to be in the care of the government, you expect your rights as a parent to be respected, b...Read More

Children Need Love, Not Mastectomies

The media is running wild with tales of evil right wing zealots trying to ban people from existence, while completely ignoring the damage being done to children all in the name of 'Progress'. Are you ...Read More